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[two shots] my best man

zzzz. of course it's akame het. tsk. i really need to polish my yaoi writing skills after this =.=
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[fic] final goodbye

music  : rihanna - final goodbye
pairing : girl! kame x jin. it seems lyke i only know how to write het fic nowadays =.=

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pfft. i'm dissapointed with jin D:
right now, i don't even care if they want to find another 'A' to complete the group.
(or maybe i'm just currently angry. who could replace jin anyway?)

but yay to KT-TUN!!! might be going to Bangkok! yay yay! \:D/

[fic] crimson rain.

heya, peeps.

happy new year 2010! \:D/


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coz i have too much ideas D:

i swear i'm gonna finish this fic first; then got back to 'display' and 'dare' >.<
this is called 'crimson rain' and kazuya is a girl here. yes; you've been warned and yes; i'm weird that way.

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